ruinsara lake


8 days long

Highest point: 3500 m.

Ruinsara Lake is a sacred lake located at an altitude of 3500 metres in Govind Wildlife Sanctuary in Uttarkashi District. It is located at the headwaters of the Supin River and at the base of Black Peak. It is famous for its green grass, alpine grass, and rhododendrons.

This location is associated with Hindu mythology; locals believe that the Pandavas travelled to heaven via Swargarohini and walked in the forest here during their 14-year stay. another country. Ruinsara Lake trek  is surrounded by high mountains and offers a beautiful view of these beautiful mountains: Black Peak, Swargarohini (I), Swargarohini (II), Bandarpoonch, and Ruinsara Range. This trip to Ruinsara Lake takes you into some of the most beautiful Himalayan villages, with wooden houses and temples where the villagers worship their gods. Explore the culture of these countries and experience it firsthand.



Day 1: Travel from Dehradun to Sankri

Travel to Dehradun from Shatabdi in the morning or fly to Jolly Grant Airport and arrive in the afternoon. Traveling by plane will be the most convenient and fastest option. After reaching Dehradun, you will have to travel by bus or taxi for 8–9 hours till you reach Sankri. Upon arrival, have dinner with your fellow travellers and briefly review the tour with your guide and fellow travelers. 200 kilometres Time: 9 to 10 hours 

Day 2: Sankri to Taluka to Bheduka

Have an early breakfast and leave your campsite at 7 a.m. The journey to the start of your journey will take 2 hours. The Taluka village is a small village surrounded by fortified settlements with other rural amenities. The trail goes down to the river valley and continues through the forest on the actual side of the valley. If you go here in the spring, you will pass through the hard trees of chestnut, walnut, willow, chinar, and different types of conifers. You will also see a few waterfalls, of course.

Duration: 3h Altitude: 8,500 feet.

Day 3: Bheduka to Dev Thach 

The next day, you will climb to Dev Thach at an altitude of 10,016 feet, which will take you around 4-5 hours depending on your speed. The road continues through the forest until the town of Osla appears on the other side of the valley, which is actually a large alpine meadow. The word “responsibility” refers to the act of deciding whether a person is responsible for his own actions or not. From there, it will take only one hour to reach the beautiful meadow. You will pass through a forest of fir and oak trees.

Duration: 3h 

Elevation: 10,006 feet

Day 4: Dev Thach to Ruinsara 

You will reach Ruinsara Tal in the afternoon today. Yamuna Kanta is to the southwest of there. This is the pass that will take you to Yamunotri, a demanding walk.

The beautiful Banderpoonch hill rises 20,954 feet to the east. Walking southeast from the lake brings you to Kiarkoti, with views of the Swargarohini range to the north from over 20,000 feet. Descend to Dev Thach after enjoying the lake and the breathtaking view. Take the night.

Tents are available for accommodation at an altitude of 11,482 feet.


Day 5: Overnight at Dev Thach.

Today will be a day of rest or reserve. Spend the day relaxing and taking in the beautiful scenery of the snow giants. To occupy yourself while you rest, listen to amazing music or read a book. You can get a better idea of the Baderpoonch festival by visiting its grounds. You can also visit Thanga Park on the other side of the river, where you might be lucky enough to spot Himalayan bears. After exploring the summit, return to camp for a hot lunch. Stay in your camp for the night.

Day 6: Dev Thach to Bheduka

Today will be a long journey from Seema to Bheduka. You should start the day by retracing your steps. As you descend, take in the view from where you can still see the Himalayas. Apart from a short and steep climb from the field you visited the other day, the trail will be mostly downhill.

Day 7: Bheduka to Sakri

Get up early and say goodbye to this beautiful place until you go again. Arrive at Taluka, and many buses and coaches will take you back to Sankri town. Return to your hotel for the day and relax. Enjoy your last moments of your trip by eating a delicious meal and going for a walk.

Day 8: Dehradun to Sankri

After breakfast at your guesthouse, drive to bustling Dehradun. Spend Shatabdi evening in Delhi and have dinner on the train. You will arrive in Delhi around midnight.

Popular trails like the Kedarkantha or Har Ki Dun trek begin in Sankri village. It serves as the starting point for a number of treks, including those to Phulara Ridge, Bali Pass, and Borasu Pass. Sankri is currently becoming a more well-liked hill destination.

From Dehradun to Sankri, there are direct buses every morning until 8 a.m. To cover the 200 km distance, whether in a reserved car or by bus, it typically takes at least 9 hours.


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