Dayara Bugyal is considered one of the most spectacular meadows in India. The term ‘Bugyal’ means high meadows in the local dialect. Dayara Bugyal is considered one of the most beautiful and breathtaking hikes in Uttarakhand due to its high meadows. In terms of difficulty, Dayara Bugyal is an easy hike, perfect for beginners.


Dayara Bugyal is located in the Uttarkashi district of Uttarakhand at an altitude of over 10,000ft/3048m. This trek in the Garhwal Himalayas has become one of the most popular trekking routes with dense forests leading to vast lush green meadows.


The trek to Dayara Bugyal Trek starts from Barsu village. Trekkers can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the flowing creek and even stop and admire the scenery. Follow the trekking trail to Dayara Bugyal through a lush forest of maple and oak trees. There are no animals there except for the cheerful mountain dogs that can accompany you during your hike. There are excellent campsites along the Varnara Valley. Further up, the forest thins, leaving only the wide, open hilly lush meadows of Dayara Buggyal. The Dayara Bugyal Trek is he one of India’s most impressive and spectacular grasslands. Great place to show your trekking skills as a beginner. Located at an altitude of about 3050 meters above sea level, this ideal hike is considered perfect for a long weekend of walking through dense forests and open areas at various locations. Dayara Bugyal Trekking starts from Barsu village

Hikers can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the flowing creek and stop to enjoy the view.


1- Why explore this hike?

Unknown to many, Dayarab Gyal has the largest amount of snow of any Trekking He trail in India. It’s so big and wide that sometimes you can’t see the edge of the white. I want to see snow in winter. It’s rare to see it on a big screen like Dayara. Less common are the sights of Mount Bandarpanch and Black He Peak, which rise about 21,000 feet in Dayala. Seeing these mountains jutting out from the snowy plains of Dayara is why everyone should do this trek. Enjoy a great camping experience and spend unforgettable moments at high altitudes.

Walk along oak and pine forest trails and spot a variety of wildlife.

See snow-capped peaks such as Bandarpoonch (6,316m), Bhagirathi (6,921m), and Black Peak 2,734m


Best time to visit 2-Dayara Bugyal

Usually May-July, August ~ Mid-October, December ~ February. In winter, this destination is covered with a thick layer of snow, making it perfect for skiers.


Summer Dayara Bugyal

The climatic conditions in the area are very pleasant and favorable, the weather is mild. H.Not too hot and not too cold

Even in summer, however, nights can get chilly, so it is advisable to bring light woolen clothes. The biggest advantage of this trek in summer is that there are no clouds or fog so you can see all the mountains.


Dayara Bugyal in Winter

Winter is considered the best time to plan a Dayara Bugyal trek due to heavy snowfall in the region during December and January.


Dayara Bugyal in Monsoon Season

Monsoons are the least recommended for planning a weekend in Dayara Bugyal as this very high altitude destination is prone to landslides due to heavy rainfall. Road closures due to landslides will likely extend your trip, but if you are willing to take that risk, plan ahead. The surreal beauty of the Himalayas and surrounding areas is worth the visit.


Dayara Bugyal and Surrounding Attractions


Dodi Tal Lake

The Dodi Tal Darwa Pass is adorned with lush green meadows and covered with a thick blanket of snow. This glorious destination is surrounded by dense alpine forests, rippling streams, and an exotic variety of flora and fauna. This glistening freshwater lake in Uttarakhand is beautifully nestled among tranquil pine trees. It stands quietly at an amazing height of 3,310m above sea level. Dodital is home to many species of water, flora, and fauna. The circumference of the lake is 1.5 km.


Dodital is the headwater of the Ash Gangga River, which flows into the Bhagirathi River near the Ganges. This crystal clear freshwater lake in the Garhwal Himalayas enjoys a serene view of the Himalayas


Barsu Village

The starting point of the Dayara Bugyal Trek, Barsu Village is located in the Uttarkashi district and surrounded by surreal landscapes. The panoramic views and mesmerizing views of the Himalayas from here are truly impressive. The area’s small, sparkling lakes enhance the natural beauty and flavor of the area, making lakeside camping an experience of a lifetime. Even if you are a nature lover, you will love this site as you can see multiple species of animals and birds here.

Weekend getaways in Dayara Bugyal are least advised during the monsoons as this very high altitude location is vulnerable to landslides as a result of heavy rainfall. If you are prepared to take that chance, plan ahead. Road closures brought on by landslides will probably cause you to extend your trip. It is worthwhile to visit the Himalayas because of their incredible beauty.


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