In the event that God lives here, Kheerganga (Khirganga) will be his seat. This valley is the crown gem among the wide range of various treks around Kasol. It’s a 7-8 hour climb to the natural aquifers situated at a tallness of 2950 mts. or on the other hand 13,000 ft. In the wake of managing the coarse landscape, you will arrive at the underground aquifer of Kheerganga. Take a dunk in the warm water and every one of your concerns and sicknesses will be washed away!

The trek begins from Barshani. We arrived at Barshani by street from Kasol. The real trek to Kheerganga begins from that point. A way separates from Barshani towards Tosh town, 3 km from Barshaini.A day climb to Kheerganga is conceivable yet not functional or fitting. On the off chance that you are a specialist trekker, surely you can take the plunge, simply start sufficiently early. Absolute Kheerganga trek distance is 12-13 Kms no matter what the course you take.


 Trekking courses to Kheerganga.


There are two courses from Barshaini for Kheerganga Trek:Barshaini is a little town with a taxi stand, scarcely any exceptionally essential stay choices and dhabas. A scarcely engine capable street separates from here to Tosh which is minimal more than 2 Kms from Barshaini. A hydro power project is under development here which has impacted the magnificence of the spot. Ideally a ton of it will get reestablished whenever a plant is authorised and a supply is framed.


1) From the scaffold at Barshaini, go right and climb up to Kalga town. This course passing through thick backwoods is somewhat longer yet offers a simple trip and is appropriate for amateurs and incidental trekkers.


2) The subsequent course goes by means of Nakthan town and you need to take a left from the extension at Barshaini. This is the more limited course and more tourist detour yet very steep at places a troublesome one is as well.


This Kheerganga trek course is moderate however not suggested for individuals with heart conditions. In the event that you start your trek from Barshaini in the early afternoon, you arrive at Kheerganga by dusk where you camp here for the night.Kheerganga isn’t a town yet you can track down improvised stays and camps here. Since there is no power, a few stays offer ovens in eating tents to keep you warm. Camps and different foundations work on generators so remaining and getting great food can be very costly. Ensure you book your trek with an accomplished administrator so you get great assistance while you have arrived.

As an other Rudra nag, scarcely any kilometres before Kheerganga goes about as over evening setting up camp spot.At Kasol Kheerganga there are numerous bistros and tea-houses and obviously a characteristic boiling water spring called Parvati Kund.Last transport from Barshaini to Bhuntar leaves between 2 to 4 pm. Check at the taxi stand or a dhaba for definite planning.


Food and Stay during Kheerganga Trek

At Kasol you will observe a road speckled with eateries serving unfamiliar cooking styles, the vast majority of them will be Israeli. The expanding number of sightseers from Israel is the genuine explanation for the ubiquity of Israeli food. You could likewise track down German and Chinese cafés. Be daring and have your morning meal from Israel, lunch from Germany and supper from China! You will love it.Put on your coat, venture into your trekking shoe, get that trekking post and begin your excursion through the valley where God himself sees as difficult to leave.


Best Time for Kheerganga Trek

One justification for why Kasol and Kheerganga Trek is so famous is its nearly all year openness. Aside from a few weeks of the pinnacle winter season, Kheerganga is available the majority of the year. During storms, Kheerganga trek becomes troublesome. Still the path stays open to experienced trekkers.Best time for the trek is April to November where outright greatest months are April/May and September/October.


Is Kheerganga trek open now?

They feel somewhat wary of Kheerganga trek being functional or not after the public authority request.  There has been no effect on the excellence or experience of this trek. You actually visit Kheerganga, however it’s a day climb.

Setting up camp experience is additionally as yet unchanged among immaculate regular magnificence under the stars in Himalayas.Trek stay functional in December and January likewise now since setting up camp isn’t occurring in Kheerganga now. On day climb trekking is done to Kheerganga and in the event that weather pattern is extremely terrible, it is done to the place where its conceivable.


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