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A clay mask is a type of skin care product made from various types of clay to help absorb oil and bacteria from the skin, which in the end, leaves the skin of the user bright and cleaner; for instance, HMB rescue masks which have been used in anti-inflammatory skincare solutions. The clay mask is made in a way that it has a negative pH, and the human skin has a slightly positive ph. The following are the benefits of clay masks for the skin. 

Unclogs The Pores

One issue that irritates the skin is clogged pores, and everyone wishes to get rid of them. The disadvantage of having clogged pores is that it inhibits the penetration of skincare products deeper into your skin. The clay mask helps unclog these pores by removing impurities which, in the end, will leave your skin smoother and softer. 

Inhibits Excess Oil Production

Because of the difference in pH, a clay mask can absorb excess oil from your skin, making it the best skin care product, especially if you have oily skin. If you have naturally oily skin, you should apply a clay mask once or twice weekly to help you manage the skin. 

Fight Acne

By unclogging the pores in the skin, clay masks help fight acne and remove the bacteria that cause it through their detoxifying property. The clay masks can be recommended for an individual battling against acne or pimples, or blemish occasionally.

Draws Out Skin Impurities 

Human skin is exposed to impurities, pollution, and dirt daily as absorbed within your environment, making it important to mask. It is recommended that you use a clay mask because it is made of negatively charged molecules, while toxins are made of positively charged molecules. As the positive charges react, the clay mask attracts the toxins onto the skin’s surface into the mask and clears them away during rinsing. 

Boost Blood Circulation

The materials used in making clay masks, for instance, bentonite, can help boost an individual’s blood and oxygen circulation in the skin. The clay mask will help you in collagen production at the same time, assist in rejuvenating and regeneration of the skin. 

Apart from the benefits mentioned above of clay masks, there are other health benefits. For instance, it treats dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema, and rosacea. Studies have shown that when you use a lotion that contains a form of bentonite clay, it will help you reduce the symptoms of dermatitis, which comes from poison ivy and oak. On the same note, if you apply a clay mask made of bentonite on a diaper rash, it can help treat calendula. 

Clay masks are safe and work on most skins. Nonetheless, it is better to apply a small patch on the skin and ensure that it does not irritate your skin. Clay masks have a lot of benefits on the skin as they reduce excessive moisture, protect your skin from impurities and toxins, and reduce acne, among other benefits. Clay masks like HMB have been used for a long time by individuals as an anti-inflammatory skincare due to their reliability. 

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